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Nurseries are available to look after children from about 2-5 years old, before they start Teddy Bearschool. There are many nurseries in the UK, and charges vary.  You may even find a nursery is provided by your college.  Some college nurseries are free, while others charge commercial rates.


Children normally start school education at 4-5 years in the UK. Schooling is compulsory.  It is possible to choose which school your child goes to and so in the preceding year it is worth making some preliminary investigations.  Start by visiting schools and asking other parents about their views.

Clothes and toys

Clothes and toys can often be very expensive in the UK.  If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, try charity shops, jumble sales and clothes swaps.  Look in your local newspaper, libraries and notice boards for details.

Medical help

It is particularly useful and important to register with your local medical practitioner if you have young children.  The health visitor from the local practice can be a helpful support and source of information.

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