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Churches in Guildford

Guildford cathedral Students of any nationality or faith background are always welcome to visit a church, either for a Sunday service, or just to look round.  Most churches display the service times on a notice board outside.  Below are some links to some of the churches in and near Guildford, and for some of the student religious groups.

Churches who support Friends International in Guildford

These are the main churches in Surrey who directly or indirectly support us:

Other Churches near the university

There are many other churches in Guildford;
this does not pretend to be a complete list:

Other Religions

These are the places of worship for religions that I know of in or near Guildford.
If you know of any, feel free to email me,
More details may be found here:

Student Religious Groups

Please note that the links here change relatively frequently, and some societies may become "dormant" from time to time.  See the Student Union's list of societies for up-to-date details, or try the University Chaplaincy pages.

Disclaimer:  Friends International are likely to differ from many of these societies in their view of God and about issues relating to spirituality and life in general.  This information is provided solely as a service to internationals, and not as an endorsement of any of these societies or "other places of worship". welcoming international students
in Guildford