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Christianity Explored

What is the Christianity Explored course?
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What is the Christianity Explored Course?

The Christianity Explored course is designed to help you begin to understand the Christian faith and the Bible.  It is an opportunity for you to listen, to discuss and to ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere.  Over the seven to ten week course you will read through and study parts of the Gospel according to Mark to find out "Who Jesus is", "What He did", and "What it has to do with your life story".

"The Christianity Explored course gives you time and space to think through who Jesus is and why it matters."

When is it?

The next (Friends International in Guildford) Christianity Explored course will be held on Wednesday evenings from 5th October to 7th December 2016, 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Guildford Baptist Church, Millmead Centre,  (in Guildford town centre between Debenhams and the Council offices).

The ID Course will also be run at the same time and a free meal (buffet supper with vegetarian options) will be provided.  (Details about this course will be added shortly).

This Christianity Explored course will be in simple English and there will also be Mandarin (普通话 / 國語 / 華語), and Cantonese (广州话 / 廣州話) translators available to help.

Transport will be available from outside GSA (Starbucks near the Stag Hill campus entrance).

For more information, or if you would like to attend this course, please contact Ruth Archer.
Or to find out more about the Christianity Explored Course in general, visit the Christianity Explored website.

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Who is it for?

"A huge variety of people, with different experiences and backgrounds, and different views and beliefs, come on the Christianity Explored course."

The Christianity Explored course is for people who know little or nothing about the Bible and want to find out what the Bible teaches.

Friends International in Guildford run a simple English version of this course.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to join a Christianity Explored course.  Simply email Ruth Archer.

What exactly will we study?

Each week we look at a passage from the Bible.  "A typical evening starts with a meal or cup of coffee, there's a chance to look at the Bible yourself and ask any questions you have, then there's a short talk, or DVD, and a chance to chat about what you have heard."

The seven week course includes a day away to spend more time together looking at several topics.  Depending on how a particular course is organised the day away might not be included, and studies of this day incorporated into the weekly studies, extending the number of weeks the course takes - up to nine or ten weeks.

Week Subject

Good news: What are we doing here?


Identity: Who is Jesus?


Sin: Why did Jesus come?


The cross: Why did Jesus die?


Resurrection: Why did Jesus rise?


Grace: How can God accept us?

Day Away

The sower: Listen carefully
James and John: Ask humbly
Herod: Choose wisely


Come and die: What does it mean?

What about other courses?

Other courses are run by churches in Guildford at different times of the year.  Alpha courses, The Visa Course, and Moving On Courses also offer you the chance to find our more about Christianity and the Bible.  For details of when these courses are next running, please email Hugh Griffin. welcoming international students
in Guildford